The story of 20 Minute Cigars

One day at La Casa, a luxury cigar lounge tucked in a sophisticated corner of Detroit, Michigan, owner Ismail Houmani offered a customer a cigar. In response the customer replied, “All I have is 20 minutes.”

Houmani recalled the many times he’d heard the same sentiment from busy patrons pressed for time on their lunch breaks.

Always wanting to create personalized experiences, Houmani set out to make a cigar that would meet his clients’ needs.

He selected the finest quality aged tobaccos from a boutique grower in Central America and had his hand-rolled cigars cut to half the length of a normal cigar.

To his delight, his 20 Minutes in Detroit cigar quickly became the store’s best-selling cigar.

20 Minute Cigars are a full line of hand-crafted, high-quality cigars. We developed these cigars in response to lunch-time customers who wanted a quick-smoking, delicious cigar they could enjoy during a short break in their busy days. We’ve selected the finest quality aged tobaccos and hand-rolled each cigar not only to ensure the highest quality product, but to capture and represent the unique characteristics of distinctive American cities. Our passion for quality and attention to detail are displayed in these cigars, delivering a rich, sophisticated experience.


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